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January 2016

UNISON have had 3 member meetings around the changes proposed to the terms and conditions.

As a result we would like the following points to be discussed :

  • Staff are only too aware of the current financial difficulties the organisation face, as such they would be willing to accept a 4 year pay freeze if the understanding was given that this would be reviewed on a yearly basis. A possibility to look after the low paid and implement a  pay rise for those on 21k and under, as well the need for Magenta Living to continue to pay the Living Wage.
  • Generally the feeling is that a change to 3 months full pay and 3 months half pay could well be a red line issue. This does not give the security and protection that is needed for our members. No budget line saving can be quantified by this proposal. Across the organisation sickness levels average at 3-3.5%, Building Services average at 7.7%. A solution to this high percentage has been muted with an incentive/bonus structure in Building Services. This will have a balanced scorecard with more stringent criteria. Also, Magenta Living changed the Sickness Policy in June 2015 and UNISON believes that if this is managed consistently, sickness levels would reduce. UNISON would have no hesitation in approaching the board on this issue should a satisfactory outcome not be reached on this item.
  • A consistent theme from the meetings was the need to review Essential Car Usage and those staff in receipt of it. Whilst staff are asked to tighten their belts, some people are paid essential usage, yet their car sits in the car park all day ! Surely this needs a full and frank review, with stringent criteria applied.
  • Finally, could we ask that flexible retirement, flexible working and the option to allow staff to work reduced hours is taken on board in order to mitigate any compulsory redundancies.


Paddy Cleary

Branch Secretary


October 2015

The board at Magenta Living are looking to take a balanced approach to savings they have to make. The board have taken into account some favourable under spend, but still will need a program of cuts over the next 4 years.

Whilst one off initially savings will be taken into account, business reviews, fit for future reviews and changes to revenue expenditure will all be undertaken to meet initially cuts as well as loss of revenue from year 5 onwards.

Staff have been asked to declare an interest if they would like to leave the company under a VS scheme not just in year 1 but in future years.

September 2015

Magenta stewards await details of proposals in how the organisation intends to meet the shortfall of approximately £24m over the next 5 years.

Management have looked at work streams across all areas and at every expenditure line. They are waiting for a steer from the board as to which avenue they will support. Further details should be available after the board meeting on 15 September.

Management will suggest to the board that any savings are undertaken in a measured way.

Magenta have already served notice on the council that they will not be renewing the service level agreement for Community Patrol, this is likely to save £165 000 per year.

August 2015

Our new Branch Secretary, Paddy Cleary has met with Magenta Living’s Chief Executive, Brian Simpson.  It seems likely that the company will lose at least £24.6m over a 4 year period and Paddy has asked that UNISON have an involvement in any decisions from an early stage.

If members have any issues or are concerned about any proposed changes in their section we would ask that you contact your workplace steward in the first instance.  As soon as any information is received from management, workplace meetings will take place.  The Branch also intend to produce Magenta only information / newsletters for members.