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October 2015

The result of the ballot for paying the minimum wage for sleeps-ins

The members accepted the proposal as below

UNISON met with Autism Together (WAS) through ACAS to agree from July 2015 to pay the living wage to anyone who works a sleep-in.  For Autism Together to be compliant and not be breaking the law by paying less than the minimum wage for every hour worked, it was agreed that for those staff on a sleep-in the following calculation will be made – the total salary for the month including all contracted hours, overtime, additional hours and sleep-ins, will be divided by the hours worked to ensure that overall no hour falls less than the minimum wage.  If any topping up required for any hour worked then this will be paid the same month.

The financial situation of WAS if a back pay element before July 2015 was sought then the Society would become bankrupt as regional officials had been given access to their accounts and verified this position, which could ultimately result in the loss of jobs.