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Wirral UNISON Press Release

Boris Johnson’s comments an insult to Care Workers

Wirral Unison have condemned Boris Johnson’s comments blaming the Care Sector for the number of deaths in Care Homes as a result of Covid-19.

Britain has experienced the third highest death rate, (fourth by head of population). We know where the blames lies for this tragic situation, it is not with Care Workers, nor with the care sector as a whole. Nor is it with the NHS or any of the frontline services. No, the blame lies with this Government, and we will not let the Prime Minister attempt to rewrite history.  

It was Boris Johnson that:

  • Delayed the lockdown for weeks, overruling health experts;
  • Oversaw the failure to provide appropriate levels of PPE;
  • Allowed 25,000 vulnerable people to be discharged in the care homes from hospital without being tested;
  • Is responsible for the lack of a robust test and trace procedure.


Care Workers, many paid only the minimum wage, often on zero-hour contracts and systematically deprived of full sick pay, have been on the frontline in the struggle against Covid-19. They have put their health, and their families health on the line. Too many have sadly paid with their lives. We always said that Care Workers needed more that claps on the door step from the Prime Minister. We now see that for the empty gesture it was.

Wirral Unison recognises that the care sector is in need of reform and extra funding. We need a National Care Service, where staff are paid a decent wage, and are valued for the role that they do and we will continue to challenge care home owners that do not pay the Real Living Wage to our members.

Dave, a Care Worker said “Working in a care home is never easy, the pay and conditions are poor, although the residents are great. But after struggling through this crisis, the comments from Boris Johnson are a slap in the face.”

David Jones Wirral Unison Branch Secretary said “Unison represents thousands of Care Workers, and we will not standby whilst Boris Johnson tries to absolve himself of responsibility for these thousands of tragic and unnecessary deaths; it is an insult to our members. We do not always agree with the owners of care homes, but on this occasion we know the fault lies with the Government. We call upon the Prime Minister to take ownership of his failures, and deliver his promise to reform social care. Give Care Workers the respect – and pay they deserve.”

Published on: July 8, 2020