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Coronavirus update 16.06.20

Dear Member

Hi all!  As we write this the thunder and lightning is making itself felt across the peninsula so we you’re all well and staying safe. We’ve got various updates for you today so we’ll get straight to them….

Returning to Work

We have previously reported that as the lockdown eases there is a gradual move towards a return to work. We know that the council and many other employers are taking this cautiously, with safety being the priority. We will be working with employers where we have recognition deals to ensure that this is done with full consultation. We are clear that staff safety, particularly in relation to those who are clinically vulnerable or shielding or indeed live with someone who is, should be paramount. Within the council, we have gone through a formal process around the re-opening of Birkenhead market. There was a genuine consultation with a thorough consideration of all aspects of safety. We have also had some initial discussions in relation to a number of other areas such as the registrar’s, youth services and parks.

We have also started some discussions today with Wirral Evolutions and will be meeting with them regularly. We have addressed the issue of annual leave with Wirral Evolutions and have had confirmation that any leave booked for the remainder of June can be cancelled.  Staff must then re-book leave by the end of June and this leave can be taken any time during the remaining 9 months of this financial year.

We know that certainly within the council, the issue of how offices will be utilised going forward will be a significant question. We are starting to turn our thoughts towards this and will be liaising with the effected members. We are taking part in an initial walkabout at Cheshire Lines this week.

Returning to Work- TUC Information

Following on from our correspondence yesterday about risk assessments, we are attaching a link to the TUC website which members may find of use. The TUC have provided a step by step guide explaining what is expected of employees, employers and trade unions when considering people’s safe return to the workplace.


Free School Meals- update

In yesterday’s update we wrote to you about Marcus Rashford’s campaign which called on government to reverse its decision not to extend its free school meals voucher system for low-income families over the summer holiday period. We were delighted to read this afternoon that the campaign has succeeded! The government have realised that denying amongst the country’s most vulnerable children the most basic of necessities was unfair, especially during this time of crisis. We applaud Marcus Rashford and all those involved for an amazing campaign which will bring relief to so many families.

Cervical Screening Awareness Week  15 June – 21 June

This coronavirus pandemic has impacted our lives in many ways, one being a low attendance for cervical screenings. According to new research, one in eight women say they feel they are less likely to attend their appointment now than they would have been before the pandemic, while 13 per cent believe it would be best to put off having their test at the moment.  If you have any questions and concerns about cervical screening  you can get more support from the charity Jo’s Trust here.

Staying Strong Twilight Webinar 5 - 6pm 22nd July 2020

This session is to help identify different types of stress and help members manage and cope with stressful situations in their lives. We hope in these challenging times that the course may be of interest and value to you. In this session you will:

  • Know what stress is;
  • Identify physical and behavioural signs of stress;
  • Know what different types of stress are;
  • Be aware of techniques and strategies to combat stress;
  • Identify achievable things you can do today to unwind and combat stress.

Please RSVP to the event and we will email you our course paperwork. Once we have received this back from you we will send you out a link that will allow you to access the webinar.
After the webinar you will be able to access to our web based online learning platform with supplementary learning materials.
To make this webinar effective we have capped the number of places on the webinar. Please do not RSVP to the event unless you are committed to attending.

That’s all for today everyone. We’ll be back in touch tomorrow with further updates for you.

Take care and stay safe.

In solidarity!

Lois and Dave

Dave: davidnjones@wirral.gov.uk  07880199539
Lois: loisfounds1@wirral.gov.uk   07384512521
Branch Office:0151 6663040

Published on: June 17, 2020