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Updates from Wirral UNISON

We are pleased to report that after significant representation from UNISON, the Council at Budget Cabinet yesterday announced that they are (subject to Full Council Agreement), reducing unpaid leave this year from 4 days to 3 days.
This will equate to an extra 0.4% pay being put back into your pocket. The Christmas shutdown, for many services will continue.
Since the election of the new Branch Secretary in September,  we have looked to address unpaid leave in the following ways

• To scrap or reduce compulsory unpaid leave
• To allow members to take additional unpaid leave on a voluntary basis
• To continue the Christmas shutdown in services where it has worked successfully – with members using annual leave, or unpaid leave to cover this.
In a short space of time we have succeeded in reducing the unpaid leave whilst preserving the Christmas shutdown.
There have been discussions with stewards and members on this approach but at the AGM it was pointed out by members in libraries, housing and elsewhere that many members couldn’t attend lunchtime meetings as they were frontline.
Therefore we will be holding further consultation meetings in the near future, to look at how we address unpaid leave in future years. To enable all members to attend, there will be one lunchtime meeting, two evening meetings and one Sunday meeting.
At Cabinet Budget, it was announced that the intention remains to lease out these services. Wirral UNISON is opposed to these privatisation exercises in principle. We are also focussed on ensuring that there is no detriment to our members if the services go out, by ensuring a TUPE + arrangement, and that no subsidy is given to private providers.
We will keep you updated of these proposals.
In 2018, we agreed to a two year pay deal. As a result of that members will receive a 2% pay rise from April.
The deal also provided for an assimilation of spinal pay points. Wirral UNISON have been negotiating this with the Council in the past few months, to ensure that not one of our members suffers any detriment to their pay.
Many members on SCP 28 and below may receive more than 2% pay increase this year  - we are close to finalising this process and management and the unions will be communicating the final position shortly.

Published on: February 19, 2019