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Save Girtrell Court

A public meeting organised by Wirral UNISON to stop the proposed closure of Girtrell Court was well-attended by more than 100 people last night (20 January 2016).  None of Wirral's Labour or Liberal Democrat councillors attended the meeting.


Branch Secretary Paddy Cleary told the meeting: "This goes beyond party politics; it is about the most vulnerable people in society. We need to fight tooth and nail to protect this facility.  There is no evidence that every user at Girtrell Court will have a suitable alternative package in place. We are also very concerned about the job losses which would arise from the closure, with upwards of 40 people who will be unemployed if the closure goes ahead.”


Members of the audience emotionally and effectively explained the devastating impact the closure would have on their loved ones and themselves who rely on the respite provided by Girtrell Court.  One parent said "The council has appallingly let down disabled adults in Wirral for years.”


UNISON is gathering signatures with a petition to “Save Girtrell Court”.  Ring the Branch Office to get paper copies for your family, friends and work colleagues to sign and/or sign the e-Petition on the Council website.  UNISON is also encouraging all affected to attend their local Constituency meetings where they can speak to their local MP and Ward Councillors.


Photo: Branch Secretary Paddy Cleary

Photo: Sue Kellett addresses and chairs the meeting

Published on: January 21, 2016